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Thigh Lift

Are you looking to eliminate excess skin and fat from your thighs to achieve a firmer and more toned appearance? Thigh lift surgery may be the ideal solution to address your aesthetic needs. Contact us to learn more about this procedure and determine if it is suitable for your needs and goals.

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Thigh lift

A thigh lift is recommended for individuals who have lost weight or have loose skin and excessive fat deposits in the thigh area. This procedure is also beneficial for women post-pregnancy or for anyone whose thighs have lost their tone due to aging.

The primary goal of a thigh lift surgery is to give the thighs a firmer, smoother, and more toned appearance by removing excess skin and fat. This surgical procedure can also help reduce cellulite and enhance the shape and proportion of the thighs in relation to the rest of the body. The final result of a thigh lift surgery is a more harmonious and aesthetically pleasing silhouette, which can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s important to note that a thigh lift surgery should not be considered a weight loss solution but rather a method to improve the appearance of the thighs after significant weight loss or body changes.


The different methods

There are various techniques for performing a thigh lift that can be customized based on each patient’s needs. The main approaches include the following:

It is a surgical procedure that involves an incision in the groin, along the inner thigh, to remove excess skin and fat from the upper part of the thigh.

This technique involves an incision in the lower thigh area, typically at the junction of the thigh and pubic area. This allows Dr. Guberman to remove excess skin and fat from the lower part of the thigh.

It is a procedure that removes excess fat from the thigh. Dr. Guberman makes small incisions on the surface of the skin, then inserts a thin cannula to suction out the excess fat.

This technique is a combination of the two procedures mentioned above to remove excess skin, fat, and tighten the thigh area.

Based on each patient’s aesthetic needs and goals, Dr. Guberman may recommend a combination of these techniques to achieve the best possible result.

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The recovery after a thigh lift surgery can vary from patient to patient depending on the surgical technique used and the extent of the procedure. Generally, after surgery, the patient may experience pain, bruising, and swelling, which can be alleviated with pain medications and cold compresses. It is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activities in the first few weeks after surgery and to follow Dr. Guberman’s post-operative care instructions, including taking antibiotics and cleaning incisions.

The recovery time also varies based on the extent of the procedure. Patients may return to work after approximately one to two weeks, but it’s important to avoid strenuous physical activities for several additional weeks. Wearing compression garments is recommended to help reduce swelling and promote healing, and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can support healing and minimize post-operative complications. Dr. Guberman will provide specific instructions on the duration of recovery and post-operative care for each patient.

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